Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jiffling reshuffle

After my recent hiatus, I thought it might be time for a bit of reformatting chez Jiffler. The previous layout looked rather serious, so I've tarted it up a bit with a picture of an orange and a friendlier template.

The links on the right have changed too. A few old favourites remain, but some of the more, ahem, career minded, freebie tasting blogs have been banished. Previous favourite Dos Hermanos is also out, as there are only so many times one can read about eating expensive steaks in London, then complaining that they are not as good as at Hawksmoor. The Guardian food page is out as well (where did Jay Rayner go?), and the RSPCA will be sent round later on to have a word with them about the flogging of dead horses.

Welcome though to Around the World in 80 dinners, the story of one man's quest to taste 80 different world cuisines, mostly in Manchester. Also check out Khymos, an exploration of molecular gastronomy by a Scandinavian kitchen mentalist.

Finally, I'd like to give a push to The Great British Kitchen website. Next time a poorly educated American turns his nose up at British food you don't have to resort to violence, just point them in the direction of this website, maintained by the British Food Trust.

Back soon with some more tasty far flung stories.


Graham said...

You getting back to Kigali anytime soon? I'm working my way through your Kigali resto blog figuring out what might be worth a sniff and what might not now I just moved to the city for 18 months.

Jiffler said...

Ah - Mr Noodlepie - I hope my blog will be as helpful as your was to me on a visit to Vietnam last year.

I'm in Dakar at the mo, and falling behind with bloggage. Right now I'm workign on a proposal for a big Land Reform project in Rwanda, so with any luck I'll be back there for a few months in the new year, supping mutzigs in Chez Lando. Perhaps catch up with you then.

Looking forward to seeing what you make of Kigali. I'm interested to see if eating out in Kigali has improved much. There were a few new openings as I left, and Nakumatt will have opened up some new supply lines. Happy eating!


Graham said...

Thanks for getting back to me John. Glad my old blog was of use to you as I'm certain yours will be to me. Although I'll be honest, the cost of living here has been a bit of a shock. And the lack of streetfood and the like a tad disappointing. But all is well and looking forward to getting to know this country.

Is the land reform project something to do with the UK investment DfiD recently announced? Think it was them...

We haven't been to Chez Lando yet. In fact, we've only been to New Cactus - pizza pretty good, great location, everything else a bit pish - and a few other joints that don't really merit a mention.

There seems to be plenty on offer - everything apart from Japanese and Mexican according to Reuters man in town.

I intend to use the site for most of what I do here, but I'm still building it so nothing to see there at the moment.

Please do drop me a line if you are back in town. Would very much like to meet up. Also, if you have any good contacts at DfID, media orgs/consultancies involved in media/journalism and the like, please feel free to pass on.

I'll be in touch. You can email me on graham at noodlepie dot com